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The best Private Roku Channels You Should Install Right Now!

Are you searching for private or hidden Roku channels?
Well, find all the information here. In this article, we provide you the complete information regarding all the top Roku private channels. As you know that Roku is digital media player via which you can access a lot of TV channels and movies. Using Roku you can add and watch the content according to your interests. Roku offers you many private channels. So let's we talk about top 20 private Roku channels. Hence, for this see below. 

1.Nowhere TV(H9DWC) Nowhere is one of the private Roku channels. It was founded since 2010. With this, you can stream the live TV and also play video On Demand. The nowhere channels also provide you the streaming content from many Fox channels, government policies channels like C-SPAN, all type news from CBS and NBC as well as much more.
2.Film on (NMEVA) This channel is one of the Internet-based channels. It provides you the way to access online movies, videos at any time.  Also, with a film on, you …
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How many charges needed for a Roku channel - Roku Channels

When people start using the Roku Streaming Player, they always have one doubt in their mind is that how much cost needed by a Roku channel, whether it is a one-time charge or a monthly subscription. You can clear your doubts with the given information about the Roku channels.

In addition to that in case you start your Roku player, first, you must need to account. Three options will appear on the screen. Here you will be given with these three options: ·Add the Channel ·Buy the Channel ·Subscribe the Channel
Add the Channel:In case you go to the Add Channel, then do not worry about the immediate payment charges. Furthermore, in the add channel option, you can add the channel without paying any cost. Moreover, Roku provides you many channels that are free of cost. These Channels listed in your Roku Channel Store.
Buy the Channel:If you go to the buy channel option, then you will be charged for the fee that is a one-time fee for a particular channel. For payment, you can use y…

How to Setup Google Chromecast on Roku

The Google Chromecast is the best video streaming devices. You will need to set up After then you can start watching all entertainment shows the Internet has to give you best entertaining shows offers, The setting up process of Chromecast is very simple and easy, if you find any issues to set up Chromecast, then our guide can define what to do  for more information visit at

1. Setup the Chromecast to your TV. This is the most important part of the process.
Enter the Chromecast Plug into your TV’s HDMI port and connect the USB cable to a fit port or power plug.
When you are using a 4K Chromecast Ultra, Then you will need to connect the adapter to a plug; a USB port doesn’t supply full power to maintain it.

2. Download the Google Home app. From the google play store or apple app store, you can get the Google home app. The most Android device already installed in the Chromecast.

When you want to use the Chromecast with your computer, then you no need the home app; just install the Googl…

10 Best Roku Channels that you should Watch on Roku

Are you wanted to watch 10 Roku channels? If yes, then don’t worry. You are surely able to watch 10Roku best channels without any problem. In case, during streaming content, you feel any troubleshooting then you can concern with us. As we have Roku dedicated team, they will definitely help you to resolve your issues or problems. Moreover, you can take our Roku Tech Support and Roku Customer Support. You will find our expert technical team 24/7 shift free for you.
Firstly, we want to tell you about 10 Roku channels that every user should watch.

PopcornflixLive streamSports IllustratedPBSCrackleSmithsonian channelComedy Central, Nickelodeon and history channelFilm festival favoriteTubi TVStream Now TV Now, let’s have a look at some specifications about above channels.

Popcornflix: - It is launched in March 2011. Basically, this channel is launched to focus on the independent TV shows and movies. Moreover, they have secured a licensing deal that brings you a large collection of live and l…

How to manage Hotel & Dorm Connect to link the internet on Roku device

With the increasing demand as well as the popularity of Roku streaming players among people, Roku involves more features to their new models to attract people.

They give competitions to other company devices in the market.
In addition to that, they have a good sale of their products. Roku has touched the highest peak in the market due to having the specialty of these types of features in it.

Roku 4, Roku 3, Roku 2, Roku Streaming Stick are all the recent models having the feature Hotel and Dorm connect.


Hotel and Dorm Connect is one of the best feature provided by the Roku Company to their users. This feature allows users to connect their Roku streaming device anywhere they want through a wireless network like in a hotel room, in colleges, in parks and much more places.

It makes users easy to stream their favorite movies, songs and can play games anytime at any place they want. By using the feature Hotel & Dorm Connect, you can easily authenticate the associate for your R…

Increase the storage capacity with micro SD card on Roku Player

If you are a Roku user then you knew very well that for channels and shows storage you need to place on your Roku. If you want to increase the storage capacity of your Roku then you need to insert microSD card because SD card stores your channels, games and other files.

Micro SD card helps to increase your internal memory and access you to installing the games and channels from the Roku channel store by using your account. Usually, microSD card is used to save and manage the media data like movies, videos, images, and music. You can also use the USB cable to access the particular media.
So, in this post we will discuss, how can you increase storage capacity on Roku by using microSD card? If you are ready to install microSD card on your Roku, then follow some easy steps:

For inserting the SD card on Roku

Choose the “format”.You can see pop up message with “micro SD card detected”Choose “Continue” option It will take some time, so  please waitIf the formatting gets finished…

How do I add HBO channels in my Roku Device?

The hard task is the activating or adding the channels. People do minor mistakes while following the steps to add channels in your Roku. This is very simple to add the channels on your Roku. Nowadays, the Roku provides the facility to add your favorite channel named as HBO channels. You can easily add these channels into your Roku by following the simple steps. However, the main question is that How do I add HBO channels on my Roku device?? There are some simple steps you should follow to activate HBO channels on the Roku player.

Follow Simple Steps to add HBO channels on Roku

The first step is to download the HBO channel from the channel store on your Roku device.Now open HBO GO on your Roku player.To activate the channel, choose the option “Activate your device”.This will give you the activation code to activate the channel.Stay on the same page till you enter the code on your computer.Now from your computer, go to  Next step is to selecting the device. You have …